2022 Ensuring Access to Higher Education

Through its education division, the Louisiana Education Loan Authority (Lela), the LPFA continues to support college-bound students.

Lela provides students and families responsible borrowing options through its LelaCHOICE supplemental loan programs. Refinancing higher-cost student loans is also available through Lela’s RefiHELP program. Additionally, Lela offers free remote assistance with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) — the federal-aid form that high school students must submit before graduating. In 2022, Lela assisted more than 18,000 students. More than 425,000 students have received assistance since Lela’s inception.


In Scholarships Awarded


Families Assisted in Completing the FAFSA

Thank You!

We greatly appreciate the financial partnerships and relationships we have developed with the citizens of our state for the past 48 years. We will continue to fulfill our mission by promoting equity, integrity and diversity to build better communities for the people of Louisiana.


LPFA Board of Trustees and Staff

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