A History of Fulfilling Our Promise to Louisiana


$7.7 Million

St. Charles General Hospital

The LPFA is created by a private corporation as a public trust with the State of Louisiana as its beneficiary to finance the construction of St. Charles General Hospital.


$1.3 Million

State of Louisiana Unemployment Compensation

Record $1.3 billion LPFA bond sale restores Louisiana Unemployment Compensation Fund, enabling the state to continue paying benefits while saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.


$4.1 Million

PENNington biomedical research center

Using its Fixed Rate Health and Education Capital Facilities Revenue Bond Program, Series 1985A-1 and 1985B-1, the LPFA helped LSU generate $4.1 million in operating capital for the Pennington Biomedical Research Center. This enabled the Research Center to begin operations after being idle for three years after construction.


$25 Million

Supertop Student Loan Program

The LPFA, through its education division, Lela, launched SuperTop and expanded to offer discounted student loans directly to students as well as referral banks. This was the first low cost student loan program in Louisiana.


$13.6 Million

DNR Revolving Loan Program

The LPFA issued $13.6 million to help school boards and other government entities across Louisiana save on their energy costs through a partnership with the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources. This revolving loan program remains available throughout the state today.


$1 million

Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund Match Project

The LPFA provided $1 million to the state through its Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund Match Project to obtain grants from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This was an innovative approach which the EPA approved for other states to model and continues to be utilized today.


$283.5 million

Hurricane Recovery Bridge Loan Program

This LPFA bond sale helped the City of New Orleans and the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans rebuild New Orleans’ hurricane-damaged water and sewer systems and restored dozens of public facilities ranging from police
stations to playgrounds. 


$996.1 Million

Louisiana Utilities Restoration Corp.

These bonds helped finance the hurricane recovery costs incurred by the Utilities after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. This was the first bond issue in the world to use this structure.

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